What is it ?

ATOM is a process where savers can transfer all kinds of processed jewelry, scrap gold, and various gold items to bank accounts through the ATOM System generated by Ahlatcı Metal Refinery Inc., through affiliated jewelers, without any loss of value.

For detailed information about ATOM belonging to Ahlatcı Metal Refinery and authorized jeweler businesses, click here. 

With the ATOM System, FATSI accounts can be opened at our branches for physically valued gold evaluated through affiliated jewelers.


  • First, an FATSI account must be opened at our bank.
  • Account owners should visit authorized jewelers with their physical gold.
  • The authorized jeweler must determine the value of the gold.
  • The authorized jeweler should inform the account owners on the Turkish lira equivalent of the gold at the conversion price announced by the Central Bank of the Republic of Türkiye (CBRT) at the time of the transaction.
  • If agreed, the physical gold is transferred to the bank account with the SMS confirmation code to be sent to the mobile phone.


  • Physical gold can be integrated into the banking system, even on weekends.  
  • FATSI accounts can be established using physical gold introduced into the banking system, allowing users to take advantage of the product's benefits.
  • The risk of theft or loss is mitigated.
  • Account owners avoid incurring storage expenses, such as safe deposit box fees, as they shift their physical gold to bank accounts.