Talent and Culture

Talent and Culture Policy

Dünya Katılım places paramount importance on employee satisfaction as its primary source of strength. The organization is dedicated to fostering a fair and supportive work environment, aiming to empower each employee to fully realize their potential and contribute to collective success.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Consistently reinforcing the human resources aligned with the vision, strategy, and principles of Dünya Katılım, tailored to their respective roles
  • Cultivating a culture of trust among employees through transparent and honest internal communication practices
  • Embracing innovation and a commitment to continuous improvement to ensure the competitiveness of both our employees and business processes
  • Establishing a work environment rooted in the principle of equality, fostering respect for diversity
  • Promoting an organizational culture marked by honesty, fairness, and respect by adhering to ethical values and encouraging ethical behavior
  • Striving to boost the skills of our employees and support their career growth through continuous access to training and development opportunities

Career Management

In Dünya Katılım, career management is administered through an approach that centers on supporting employees to fulfill their professional aspirations by optimizing their potential. Diverse training and support initiatives are provided to aid employees in their career journeys, optimize the use of their talents, encourage internal development, and cultivate future leaders from within our organization. Additionally, efforts are directed towards easing employees' attainment of their career objectives through a transparent career development process and open channels of communication.

Recruitment Process

The foundation of the recruitment process is to establish a transparent, fair, and talent-focused approach to bring the most suitable candidates into our organization in alignment with the success objectives of our bank. Candidates possessing these qualifications undergo a meticulous assessment based on their suitability and competencies in relation to the requirements of the respective positions. At every stage of the process, principles such as open communication and objective evaluation of candidates are integral to our approach.

Remuneration and Benefits

At Dünya Katılım, we pursue a remuneration and benefits strategy that prioritizes the well-being of our employees. A competitive remuneration structure is established by closely monitoring developments in the industry. Equitable remuneration is provided by considering the qualifications, experiences, and responsibilities of our employees. By transparently communicating our remuneration and benefits policies, trust and understanding among our employees are enhanced. This creates an effective communication environment to understand and meet the expectations of our employees.

Training and Development

In achieving our bank's current and future goals, the continuous learning and development of our employees are considered as one of the most crucial factors. Throughout the careers of our employees, we aim to contribute to their successes and support their personal development by providing various training methods and modern learning technologies. These opportunities not only enhance their knowledge and skills in their respective roles but also help them develop their leadership capabilities. This empowers our employees to possess the requisite contemporary knowledge and skills essential for success in the dynamically evolving financial sector. In doing so, our employees not only contribute to their individual careers but also enhance the competitive advantage of our bank.


The orientation training provided for recently onboarded employees is designed to expedite their integration and foster a comprehensive understanding of our institution. Encompassing our business culture, values, and core processes, this training aims to ensure that employees make a seamless and effective start in their roles.
Throughout their careers, employees are supported with professional, technical, and personal competency training.